Takatsuki Tazuna
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Tazuna upper body
Biographical Information
Kanji 高槻 手綱
Code Name Single Gear
Birthday July 16
Age 16→17
Status Alive
Physical Appearance
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 161 cm

175 cm (Currently)

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Father
Musubu (sister, deceased)
Koyori (wife)
Hand Shaker Koyori
Special Skills Hand Shaker
Anime Conductor to Contract
Voice Actors
Japanese Sōma Saitō
English Justin Briner
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Takatsuki Tazuna (高槻 手綱 Takatsuki Tazuna?) is the lead protagonist of the series. His japanese voice actor is Sōma Saitō and his english voice actor is Justin Briner. His Hand Shaker partner is Koyori as "Single Gear." Together they are known as Team Gear.


It was pointed out in the 1st episode that he has an unhealthy habit of fixing machinery or anything in general. He likes things that 'mesh together'. He's also very caring, as noted when he held his sister's hand before she passed away, and seems fine with having to hold Koyori's hand to keep her alive. He is also fearless, and would do anything to protect the ones he is willing to.


Tazuna has grey-ish brown-ish messy hair with light almost peach-colored tips. His eye color is green, with a small amount of blue around the pupils. However, when he summons his nimrod, his hair color is turned white with light pink tips, and his eye colors are a solid dark blue. His face gives off a young glow, and he has pale skin. He was first seen wearing his school uniform. 10 years after the battle, Tazuna's height increases.


10 years later as seen in W'z official website

Tazuna face