Shake the Hands
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Air Date

March 28, 2017

Staff Information

Shingo Suzuki
Hiromichi Kanazawa

Animation Director

Makoto Yoshida
Takayuki Uchida

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One Hand Message


Yume Miru Ame

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Shake the Hands (??) is the last episode of Hand Shakers. It originally premiered on March 28, 2017.


The episode starts off as a direct continuation of the previous episode. Tazuna, Koyori, Nagaoka and Mayumi are engaging within battle and as of now Team Gear and Team Cocoon are the hand shakers closest to god, so as to the battle, whoever will come out victorious shall gain the right to battle god. Tazuna is then surprised to see that Nagaoka is one step ahead of him, Nagaoka then saying,"I understand how you will move." They then fight Nagaoka and Tazuna and Koyori quickly summon their nimrod only to be overpowered by Nagaoka's single nimrod. They are then surrounded by Mayumi and Nagaoka with Tazuna expressing how frustrated he is as to how they easily overpower them. Tazuna then looks over to see as Mayumi is slowly weakening as her fighting style is destroying her nimrod over and over thus expanding more of her energy. Tazuna and Koyori then decide to fight Nagaoka head on as 2v1. They then go up to a tall building but, Nagaoka saying,'It's the end.' Although Tazuna and Koyori survive and form their nimrod together which ends up clearing the sky in the Ziggurat and they decide to fight again. This time, Nagaoka showing struggle in fighting them. Tazuna and Koyori injured Nagaoka to the point of cutting his arm off and him showing an expression of pain. Mayumi then comes out to fight once again although Nagaoka yelling her to stop as she is at her limit and will die if she continues. Mayumi does not care and proceeds. Tazuna and Koyori then proceed to charge Mayumi with Koyori as they were once former hand shaker partners. Nagaoka is then raged as he expressed their gambling game as to whether or not it would work although, Nagaoka lost the will to fight as did Mayumi long ago and they find them self back to where they started almost. A surprised Makihara greets them. The episode then preceded to show all the hand shaker partners as to where they are and Break and Bind recognizing the pair, Break then saying,"Beat that god guy, okay?" Tazuna and Koyori then head to their final destination which is a tall building and once again go into the Ziggurat to challenge god as they enter he says, " You who received the Revelation of Babel. You who will overcome many battles and trials.... You who received the revelation. You who would challenge me. Yes, you the hand shaker. Just kidding. "