Fate is in the hands of my emperor!

—Riri , in the official opening

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Biographical Information
Kanji 北条璃々
Birthday June 13
Age 16
Status Active
Physical Appearance
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Masaru (Brother)
Hand Shaker Masaru
Special Skills Hand Shaker (former)
Anime Conductor to Contract
Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Kayano
English Natalie Hoover
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Riri Hojo (北条璃々?) is the student council president of the school that Tazuna and Koyori attend. She is a hand shaker paired with her little brother Masaru, who she is romanticaly interested in, known was 'Fortune Card' an together they are known as Team Card.


Riri face