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Biographical Information
Kanji 長岡大地
Rōmaji Nagaoka Daichi
Code Name Gold Cocoon
Birthday April 1
Age 30→31
Status Active
Physical Appearance
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Akutagawa Labs
Previous Occupation Researcher
Personal Status
Hand Shaker Makihara (former)
Mayumi (current)
Special Skills Hand Shaker
Anime Cocoon Cocoon
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenjiro Tsuda
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Daichi Nagaoka (長岡大地 Nagaoka Daichi?) is the former hand shaker partner of Makihara and the current hand shaker partner of Mayumi. He is known as 'Gold Cocoon' and together they are known as Team Cocoon.


Nagaoka is shown to have a stern and serious look at all times pushing Makihara back in the day to tease him about being positive about life and its outcomes. He is shown to have black hair and black eyes paired with his glasses. His skin tone is shown to be tanned and he is shown to always wear his suit. Nagaokaface


Nagaoka is serious and hardworking and wishes to follow Dr.Akutagawa's path of meeting god. When he was with Makihara he bickered with him many times although their bond was still strong.