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Akutagawa Koyori
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Koyori upper body
Biographical Information
Kanji 芥川小代理
Also known as Sprocket Gear
Birthday March 20
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical Appearance
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 150 cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mayumi (Twin Sister)
Mr.Akutagawa (Father)
Mrs.Akutagawa (Mother)
Tazuna (Husband)
Hand Shaker Mayumi (former)
Tazuna (Current)
Special Skills Cooking
Hand Shaker
Anime Conductor to Contract
Voice Actors
Japanese Sumire Morohoshi
English Lara Woodhull
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Koyori Akutagawa (芥川小代理 Akutagawa Koyori?) is the female protagonist in the anime. She is known as 'Sprocket Gear' and together with Tazuna, they are known as Team Gear. She's also a transfer student from Brazil. At first, she was unable to summon her own nimrods but revealed in episode nine she successfully summoned her own nimrod given her code name by Hibiki. It was revealed that Tazuna needed to hold her hand at all times to keep her life span stable but by doing this they can easily be identified as Hand Shakers.


Koyori is a very quiet girl who communicates through her actions. She is very kind and sweet. From the fights you can see that she is also very brave. She might also be shy since she does not speak or show many different reactions through her face. From episode 7, Koyori is unable to speak for some reason.


Koyori is a cute girl with white hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Her hair is often half tied up to the side with a pink ribbon, and she is seen wearing the school uniform.
Koyori face
10 years after the battle she become more healthy and mature.

Adult Koyori as seen in W'z official website