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Biographical Information
Kanji 盛山 響
Also known as Sonic Sword
Birthday March 3
Age 30
Status Active
Physical Appearance
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 165 cm
Eye Color Golden-brown
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Manager
Previous Occupation Businessman
Personal Status
Hand Shaker Kodama
Special Skills Hand Shaker
Anime Sing a Sonic
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomokazu Sugita
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Hibiki Moriyama (盛山 響 Moriyama Hibiki?) is the manager and hand shaker partner of Kodama. He is known as 'Sonic Sword' and together they are known as Team Sword.


Hibiki is shown to be very cheerful and very happy when it comes to both work and battle. He is very quick to compliment Kodama on everything she says and does.


Hibiki is shown to always wear a suit at all times as his only attire. He has a well tanned skin tone along with his brown hair and brown-golden eye color paired with his glasses. He is also shown to be over weight.
Hibiki face