Emperor of Fortune
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Air Date

February 14, 2017

Staff Information

Suzuki Shingo
Hiromichi Kanazawa

Animation Director

Takayuki Uchida
Makoto Furuta

Music Information

One Hand Message


Yume Miru Ame

Meet Yet Festival and Carnival
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Emperor of Fortune (??) is the sixth episode of Hand Shakers. It originally aired on February 14, 2017.


The two pairs of Hand Shakers summon their Nimrods, and Riri and Masaru then disappear into thin air. This is followed by a barrage of attacks from nowhere, which Koyori recognizes comes from the attack cards in the much-loved card game "Precious Memories", the game Masaru excels most at. Unable to pinpoint the attacks, Tazuna and Koyori are at a losing end as they dodge attacks barely to make their way to Riri and Masaru, who have reappeared on a skyscraper. Due to Koyori's experience with Masaru's playing, she manages to predict his attacks while Tazuna defends them with his sword, and the duo get closer. Running out of cards, Masaru bades Riri give him her tarot cards, and he converges it into one final attack, but to no avail. Despite Tazuna's injuries, Riri and Masaru are defeated.